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May 10: A giggle whilst I shopped.

on May 11, 2012

Have you ever looked in your grocery trolley and just laughed at what you have in there?

Tonight I was in Coles on a mission to get more cleaning products – we have a house inspection next week so this is where we do all the finer detail things like walls, door jambs, etc.

Anyway, I’m on my mission, pick up a basket as I go through the door and head straight to cleaning aisle.

Bleach: Tick.
Creme Cleanser: Tick
Rubber Gloves: Check
Toilet Cleaner: Check
Solvol: Check
Steel Wool: Check
Preen for Carpets: Tick.

As I was putting myself through the self-checkout, I realised that I hope no one gets killed in my area in the next week. I had the CSI’s shopping list in one little basket!

It made me think about other things that make me laugh when I see them side-by-side with something that just doesn’t go with it:

Condoms and a Pregnancy Test
Diet Coke and a box of chocolate
Hair Dye and Shampoo For Grey
A book on feeding your toddler and a toddler munching down on a Boost bar
The book titled “How to kill your husband” and a roll of Duct Tape
That weeks “Picture” magazine and a bible

I may be incredibly judgemental in my above summations, but I think it’s funny.

I love it when you see two things that, when purchased seperately, are completely innocent and innocuous… but when you purchase them in combination, I.E. an axe and a roll of duct tape, you can have raised eye brows.

Inside every persons shopping is a glimpse into their life. If you were to look in my trolley, you would see the home brand of everything, a pack of coloured tampons because they’re cute, meals that you can cook in a microwave, and a cat food – summary: a person who is on the go and can’t cook for shit.

If you were to look in my grandmothers trolley, you would see a combination of brand and home brand, cleaning products, fresh fruit and veges and meat from the butcher – summary: a well organised and clean freak woman who cooks healthy, plentiful meals.

I love seeing what people have in their trolley. If it’s all jumbled in, or if it’s stacked according to size/frozen/fresh; if it’s all home brand or all brand; if there is a potential murder clean up happening across from me in the dairy aisle.

I have a habit of making up full on fairy tales in my head based on what people have in their shopping. Tonight, for example, there was a woman who had a trolley stacked up and three kids. I imaghined her to be stocking up before she ran away to Barbados for a week with the Beach Boys.

What do you shop like? Could you ever be an unwilling suspect in a murder charge? Or are you super organised and shop according to size and whether the item is perishable or not?


2 responses to “May 10: A giggle whilst I shopped.

  1. This is SO ME! lmfao Mirror mirror.

  2. Shakira Back says:

    Good blog, thanks for share this article with us

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