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May 11: My legs are shaved. I can take on the world!

on May 12, 2012

Has anyone ever noticed that after shaving your legs you’re pumped and ready for action?

Ok, so maybe it’s just me, but anyway.

I find, as soon as my legs are shaved, I’m ready to give the Energizer Rabbit a run for his money. Move that mountain? No problems, mate! Go to the gym? Bring that shit on. Clean my house? Nah, not so much. But you get my drift.

It’s the same when a woman goes to the hair dresser and comes out feeling just fabulousssssss. You’re ready to tackle whatever asshole comes your way because you have fan-friggin-tastic hair. Amirite?

Basically, what it all boils down to is what enhances our confidence. For blokes, it is the colour of their car as well as the decibels reached as they compare penis sizes at the traffic lights. We all know that if they measure up and lose against a car, they bitch and moan and groan about it everytime they see the penis extension.

But for women, it’s a lot more complex. We feel confident from the little things, such as our gorgeous new ‘do, the feel of pants on freshly shaved legs, the awesome concealer that is covering up the volcano on our cheek. And it only takes one snide comment to rob of us of that feeling – such as “oh… do you like your hair?” (Note: – my general reply to this “I love it. Wouldn’t suit you though!”)

This isn’t to say that all women rely on their hair to be confident, not at all. It’s just saying that the knowledge of the little things boosts the confidence; enhances it to “I am woman, hear me roar!” proportions.

Personally, I feel the difference hugely. I find that for the two weeks or so after I’ve had my hair done I feel on top of the world. Bastards of the world, unite! And come at me bro. This feeling generally lasts until my re-growth starts showing through and I start doing the “my hair is messy in its pony tail because I spent ages scultping in that way” look. Although, really, it took me 5 seconds in the car and I chucked a clip in. Sue me.

Another confidence booster I love is when I get my nails done. It doesn’t happen very often any more but when it does, I let the bird fly a whole lot more because I’m feeling awesome about my nails and every asshole who cuts me off should admire them.

I spoke to a lot of women, and they all said that they feel the most confident when they feel “pretty” or know that they are well dressed, made up and their hair is having a day where it’s behaving. I will admit that I am like this too.

And come one. Let’s be honest. Giving someone the finger when you know your nails are better than theirs always helps with the confidence level!


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