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May 16: One mans trash is another Mans treasure.

on May 16, 2012

So, It’s clean up here in Ringless Central. After Daniel and I perused our wayyyyy over cluttered and tip of a garage/carport, we decided that the best way to tackle it would be to hire a skip. We found one that was reasonably priced and it was delivered this morning. I was so excited!

It’s not the prettiest looking thing to have on your nature strip, but it does the job. I was thrilled to be able to clean out over four years of assembled clutter, junk, and “One day, I’m going to use this for…” crap.

Daniel left on an expedition to borrow a whipper snipper from one of our mates, as he killed ours yesterday. He is good at that. While he was gone, I took full advantage of his absence and culled with a ruthlessness that is usually reserved for finishing off Lindt chocolates.

45 minutes later, I was extremely excited. I had done it!

Dan then checked in to see how I was doing. I started enthusing about my prowess as a declutterer.

“I’ve gotten rid of all the shit, all the oil you have been stacking up, some unidentifiable junk and we have a garage!”

“What? You threw the oil in to the skip?”

“Well, yeah. You’ve had it lying around forever, I am a wee bit over it.”

“That’s nice. Get your ass in that skip and get it out! You can’t dump oil that way, we have to take it ourselves! The Skip-Dude (not his real name but I don’t know it anyway) will get fined if he is busted with that in there! And then You will get the fine from him, which means I will have to pay it!”

After some grumbling from me, I manage to locate the three bottles of oil I had dumped, along with some substance that looked kinda like mustard on my shoe. Yummy.

Anyway, Dan comes home, and we get stuck into the rest of the house. I am enjoying my “decluttering buzz” nicely and am pumped and raring to go with everything else that needs finishing off.

Everything we had thrown out was broken, beyond repair, or old and useless, so I was feeling good. We now had only things we would use and that were usable around the house. Go us!

Then, later on that afternoon, I heard Dan chatting to someone outside. Thinking it was our neighbour, I popped out to say hello. (P.S, I love our neighbours. They’re awesome.)

Yeah. It wasn’t our neighbours. It was two kids from god knows where asking if they could rummage in the skip. We tried explaining to them that there was nothing usable in there, and that it’s really not the safest of options.

This is my sneaky picture taking

Guess they didn’t care…

Dan and I retreated into the lounge room to watch them through the window, absolutely pissing ourselves laughing. I mean, good on the boys for doing it in daylight and not being sneaky, but traditionally, isn’t this a night-time activity?

What was on their shopping list?

An empty spray paint can
a litre of oil that I had missed (thanks boys!)
a piece of hose
a broken birdcage.

I guess one womans trash really is another persons treasure.


3 responses to “May 16: One mans trash is another Mans treasure.

  1. erin says:

    hahahahaha sounds like they were up to mischief with that stuff they took lol think of it lol

  2. […] Chuck in a few random pics of my friends and I with doodle shaped balloon headbands and some kids rummaging through my skip  and you pretty much have my Instagram […]

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