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May 19: My Worst 10 car singalong songs.

on May 20, 2012

To tie in with my post on my top ten car songs, I thought it would be fitting to regale you with my least favorite car songs. These are songs that I turn off the radio if they come on because someone killed them, or that I roll my eyes to, or that are just plain old sucky!

#10 – Black Eyed Peas: Time of My Life

I do not care who you are, or where you come from, but no one should ever have played around with a timeless freaking classic! It totally upped the B.E.P’s douche record to an all time high.

#9 – Jason Derulo: I Fight For You

Seriously, WTF? Can no one leave the classic songs alone? Must everything be funked and popped and rapped and mutiliated? But on this note…

#8 – Toto: Africa

This is a case of the song got killed for me. I loved this song, and This is Daniels favorite, meaning all conversation gets killed, the radio gets pumped to douche-lord point and if you get a word wrong, be prepared to army roll out of the car. Yes, Drop your shoulder and roll.

#7 – Slinkee Minx: Summer Rain

This song should not have been done by these girls. Why? because I said so! It went from a song about a woman losing her partner to war, and ended up in a skank fest covered in blue eyeshadow. NOT COOL, Slinkee Minx. Not cool.

#6 – Madonna: 4 Minutes

Can someone please tell this woman to just stop? Please? With a hey day ending back in the 90’s, we keep being subjected to a litany of songs that make people wishing for the “old days” when Madonna was still fresh and funky… not slutty and boring.

#5 – Lionel Richie : Hello? (Is it me you’re looking for?)

This song is one of the more famous by Lionel, but I do not see the attraction or why it is still played on the radio. A slow, ear gouging ballad that should have stayed in the vault.

#4 – LMFAO : Sexy and I know it

I do not think you understand the level of FML I feel whenever this comes on the radio. I have seriously never heard a more annoying or useless song in my life, irregardless of the popularity it has attained.

#3 – Lindsay Lohan: Confessions of a Broken heart

Like Madonna, she should have stopped way back when she was still cute and not a drug addict/shoplifter/serial party animal and not have brought out a song that makes me kind of want to run into the next ranga I drive past.

#2 – Celine Dion: My heart will go on*

*only exclusion is for when you are majorly over acting to make other cars occupants feel uncomfortable.

It’s My Heart Will Go On. “Nuff said.

#1 – Tori Amos: Cornflake Girl

Thank my mother for my hatred of this song. She killed it beyond resuciation and I’m pretty sure my sister agrees with me. The shrill voice, the raisin girls, the what da fuq?


One response to “May 19: My Worst 10 car singalong songs.

  1. mum says:

    hmmmm, resuciation???? Interesting!
    LMFAO – LOVE IT, that song cracks me up, reminds me of our Sambo!
    and the most stupid & POINTLESS song ever made was in the 70s I think, It is called this is rock and roll (and it most certainly is not rock and roll) you must youtube and be watching this one!
    Also that bloody stupid song SUPERSOAKER! ridiculous……

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