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May 20: Changing your appearance

on May 21, 2012

Have you ever had an insane urge to just do an extreme over haul of the way you look?

I’m not talk about a new shirt; but a dramatic, confronting image change?

I’ve been thinking about this for months. I wish I had the balls to just do a complete change and completely overhaul my whole look and image.

I’m told I’m pretty “vanilla.” My look never changes much, I always have a similar style hair cut and way of dressing. I wonder what these people would do if I changed my image to one that I want.

I always think about “punking/funking” up my look a little bit. Lose the blonde highlights, go jet black. Add a few more piercings my face, put some stretchers in my lobes, wear darker and more striking make up. Completely changing the image I have spent a long time cultivating.

But, as I said above, I just don’t have the stones to do it. The most extreme I tend to go is a couple of fluoro pieces of hair that I get done every now and then. It doesn’t help that I know if I was to change as I want to, my job prospects would be considerably dimmer. I am not ignorant, or being discriminatory here, but I do know that the image I want to project isn’t wanted my managers and owners of stores.

There are some aspects of the “emo” look that I would love to emulate. I love the mix of goth and skate that some of the girls do manage to pull off without looking like a try-hard. To be honest, that’s something I am scared of looking like.

I just think I want a bit of an “edge” to my look. Something that makes people look at me and think “Wow! She’s rocking that look!” but at the same time, won’t have Dan singing “Tragedy!” every time he sees me (which is what he tends to do anyway).

I want to create a look that works for me and seems to have been made for me. Maybe taking little pieces of a myriad of fashions and cultivating a look that I feel comfortable in that isn’t as “vanilla” as I seem to be now.

I’ve thought about taking an “easy” route and playing with fake stretchers to see if I like the look enough to make permanent modifications. I think I would like to have a new pieve of metal somewhere on my face, to replace the one I had to take out a little while ago – well, I didn’t have to take it out, I just stopped loving it.

And there in lies the next problem – I don’t want to make this whole image and then stop loving it like I normally do and be left with a look which I hate and just can’t rock out.

What are your thoughts on changing your image? Have you? Would you? Could you?

DO you have any ideas on things that I could maybe do as a less permanent change but still a tester?


3 responses to “May 20: Changing your appearance

  1. Maggie O'C says:

    Ack!! Don’t do that!! I don’t know how old you are but you will not be that old forever! Take it from the stupid tattoo on my back 🙂 You know what’s funny is always thought I had no style and my friend Trisha told me and she is made of style in her clothes, her home, her books and music, career, etc… She said I have a “beachy” style, casual, summery but not summer clothes but bright or happy. I guess. It’s just jeans and t shirts and cardigans usually but apparently it’s my style. I didn’t know I had one.

    You have a style and I bet people love your style, you just don’t know. Before you permanently deform your ears, go shopping!
    xoxox 🙂

    • Kloi-Jayd says:

      I love my tattoos hahahah, but to be fair mine have all been done for something important, like my nan, dad and cousin who have passed, and family orientated things…

      I have been shopping, but I haven’t found any fakes that I like, so maybe that tells me all I need to know?

      Hope youre well (and congratulations on the book find too!)

  2. mum says:

    Do not make doodle holders out of your ears! That is JUST WRONG!

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