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May 23: Oops! I did it again!

on May 25, 2012

Once again, just as quickly as I got on top of it, I have fallen behind in my blogging again. This time, though, there was possibly $1000 in it for me.
I shall tell you… coz I don’t like secrets.

I am participating in a competition that is being held across Australia – all you have to do is write a 1000 word short story, which is a thriller, using the opening line given to you: I have seen unspeakable things in my life.

But the real attention grabber (for me, anyway) is that your short story is going to be published as an E-Book if you win. Yep, you will become a published author.

I have been writing for the last two days, and thus far have about ten stories all written. I have my main characters name set but then I decide it doesn’t fit. Or I love the story and re-read it, only to find the following problems:

  • 1 – It is eerily reminiscent of a Harry Potter scene
  • 2 – The story seems to coincide with the episode of Supernatural I am watching
  • 3 – It just plain old freakin’ sucks

I am pulling my hair out over this, but I will keep pushing on through it. I have a scene which I think is interesting, enough humour to keep it from being boring, and people that may very well be your neighbours.

Trying to come up with an idea that isn’t derived from another book I have devoured (I have atleast 10 different Jodi Piccoult themes running through my mind) is proving difficult. This is one of the pitfalls of being an avid reader – coming up with an original story line is mighty hard and kind of makes you want to throw your computer out a window.

I’ve got my comfy old “pogging” clothes on, my lounge room is warm and I’m settled in for a long afternoon of writing. Lets just hope the story doesn’t end up as a “Harry Winchester, the man-boy who hunts demons using a wand” type of thing.

Are you an aspiring author? Or are you already published?
Do you have some tips to help me?


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