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May 24: The world in Black and White

on May 25, 2012

Have you ever noticed how photo’s look a whole lot better in black and white?

I don’t like very many photos of me, but I do generally like B&W ones –  I’m not sure why.

Turning a photo black and white tends to change the whole perspective: It gives depth and shadows to what should be a boring old photo. If I take a photo and turn it black and white, I notice that it tends to make it a lot more interesting – and, dare I say it, faux artistic.

I took this one on an aeroplane

When I first started mucking around with an SLR I nearly always used B&W film – I have always been drawn to it for things such as people shots or portraits. I felt that it left so much more for the imagination (when you look at a black and white picture, what colour is the womans shirt? You have to imagine it.) but still drew focus on the bigger aspects of the picture.

I also like the way it gives a certain timelessness to the exposure – it feels like it has captured the second and held it within the picture.

A photo of my grandfather in Malayan Conflict

Photo that are in black and white don’t necessarily mean you cant have splashes of colour to “brighten” things up. A splash of colour or two can boost a photos intrigue, effect or loveliness.

Another thing I like about B&W photos is that they can go with any decor with out looking tacky. A quick snap can leave a professional finish which leaves an imprint on you.

And My favorite thing about Black and Whites?

They can even make me look OK when I’m being a wank-knob 😀


5 responses to “May 24: The world in Black and White

  1. Caroline says:

    He, he! Your grandfather was BORN during WWII. Don’t you mean the Malayan conflict LOL.
    Love you XXXXX

  2. Sally says:

    Depends on what the subject of the photo is 🙂
    Sepia looks good too!!

  3. mum says:

    I think you are a wank knob!

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