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May 25: What being a big sister means.

on May 27, 2012

I am one of luckiest people in the world. Why? Because I have a big sister, and I am a big sister.

Now, we all know bigger siblings are generally tied in to hair pulling, fairy pinching, dobbing, wrestling, and death threats every other day. Right? But people tend to forget the finer, more important details and privileges, that come with the title.

I’m talking about the right to call your little siblings every name under the sun, but threatening anyone who even calls them a “silly-head”; Or the right to teach your sister how to aim a kick at the Taco of the girl who is bullying her; The right to stalk their Facebook page and tell them when their language is disgusting. But, most importantly the responsibility that comes with being, in my case, a big sister.

To me, being a big sister is all about backing your siblings up, no matter what they are doing. This is not to say that you support everything they do: I have been known to absolutely go off tap at all my siblings for the way they speak, act and/or treat the rest of us. But the second anything goes wrong, you are there for them. Even if it is a 12 year old’s feelings at being left out of something, it is your duty to make sure they smile.

A friend of mine, Jenny, says:
This is why big sisters are so important to little sisters!
1) They make you smile when all you want to do is cry
2) They will say no to you and make you stand on your own two feet!(even if they know you really do need to borrow that 20 bucks!)
3) All that fighting as youngsters teaches little sister not to put up with any ones crap!
4) All the baby sitting you do for big sister will be repaid when you have babies!
5) They give you something to aspire to as a mother and friend and employee because honestly all little sisters hope to grow up to be like their big sister!
6) If we could look half as good as big sister in a mini skirt we little sisters would be happy
7) Knowing that at the end of the day no matter where you are, who you are with, or what stage of your life you are in, big sister will give you a hug and make you feel like nothing else matters!
Your sister has your back .
9) And most importantly she will always be your friend coz she has no choice!

Jenny has hit the nail on the head with all her points. Being a big sister means looking beyond the smile and seeing what they’re thinking. It means that you have to force out what they’re feeling, even if it means sitting on them until they spill it out.

It means letting your little siblings know that no matter what they do, or what they say, or how they act – you will always have their back, you will always stand by them… and you will slap them across the chops if they get too cheeky.


One response to “May 25: What being a big sister means.

  1. Uncle D says:

    LOL very amusing!!!! Much of this apply’s to being a big brother too 🙂 In my experience a life long thing especially with little brothers and sisters!! 🙂

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