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May 30: Budget friendly? PFFTTT!!!

on May 31, 2012

As you all know, Ringless Central runs on a budget, so when we need new things (like winter shoes coz it’s effing freezing!) we head to department chain stores.

Today, We started out at KMart because they had awesome boots that would fit my fat calves for $15.00 – bonus!!! Yeah, until they had none in my size. They didn’t have any uggies either… or ankle boots… or slip ons! Clearly, a size 8-9 foot is the bees knees.

Anyway, I trundle off across the road to Target – you know the place where everything is cheap but awesome quality and has been Target Tested?

I headed straight to the boot rack, and saw some really nice boots (in my foot and calf size, no less!) that had a sticker on them – 30% off! I got all excited, as you do. Mega Bargain coming my way!!! Bare in mind, I was thinking they would be roughly same price as the same ones in KMart, seeing as they’re owned by the same company and all.

Can you see that? IT’S $110.00!!! For a pair of boots! Join me in my chorus of WTF!

This set me off on a course of not-so-covert picture taking. I went to the Big Chicks section and the biggest thing I could find was a 14.

#1 : a size fourteen in a plus size section? You Kidding Me???
#2 : $39.00 for a pair of pants?

I was uber-incredulous at this stage – There was no way this was a plus size section, I must have been in the corporate section to warrant that price!

So I ask a lady to direct me to the Moda section… “Uh, I think they’re over that way… somewhere… maybe… I’m not too sure but I think that’s where it is now.” So, following this vaguely helpful direction I finally found the items. I wasn’t Impressed at all.

Now we had gone up into $45.00 for a pair of plain, black, nothing special pants! Clearly, needing the extra butt room means you have to pay more! Now, I’m not a size 16 and finding a pair of pants in my size was no mean feat. After searching the two racks they had for plus size, I found this:

This is a 3/4 sleeve cardigan for $39.00! Not a full jacket, not a jumper, not even a full sleeve and yet it was still $39.00!

By this stage, I had reached my limit and was just like “Screw this shit, we’re going back to Best and Less!” Where I had already gotten a pair of jeggings in my substantial size for a mere $10.00.

I did some calculations as we left the store:

Pants: 45.00
Shirt : 39.00
Cardigan : 39.00
Boots : 110.00

To get four pieces for an outfit, it was over $230.00! To be fair, all these pieces could have been swapped and worn with other things, and the boots may have lasted two seasons, but even then the total would have been $180.00 or thereabouts.

I was so disgusted with the whole thing that I knew the probability of going back to Target with the idea of a budget anything was out of the question. I will be sticking to KMart, Big W and Best and Less. At least those companies seem to understand that spending $39.00 on a single item of clothing for every day wear is a bit exorbitant.


3 responses to “May 30: Budget friendly? PFFTTT!!!

  1. mum says:

    Yeppers, and K-Marts new pricing is incredible.. xo

  2. […] perils of shopping. If you’re not having to pay ridonkulous prices, you’re having to tackle the idea that just because the tag says it’s your size, […]

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