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June 02: Im gonna pick up the pieces… and build a Lego house…

on June 2, 2012

I have finally jumped on the Ed Sheeran band wagon.

I have been playing Lego House over and over again today – I have officially fallen in love with it… and the film clip too. What can I say? Rupert Grint gives me a Lady Boner!

I love the way the song is about loving someone, no matter what shit comes your way. The line “If things go wrong, we can knock it down” is one that I think rings true for me: Tearing down what’s wrong to rebuild what’s right is an awesome thing.

Today, it seems very few try to fix their relationships. To be honest, the way people treat theirs sometimes makes me think of a disposable nappy. You know what I mean? “Oh, hey, it’s not as good as it was when we first got together. Time to chuck it away and look for a better/newer/different brand.”

Don’t get me wrong, I know that sometimes relationships are beyond fixing. It happens, it sucks, and maybe it’s just one of the things that is expected to happen at least once in a persons life.

Maybe I am just too old fashioned, but it’s something I see so often in younger relationships. You’re with someone for an hour, and your Facebook is already full of “I love you, Joe Blow.” A week later, you have a day of sad, morose statuses that tell you the relationship is over. Give it a few days, and replace the name in the status. Rinse, Repeat.

I honestly think the Facebook is a major hindrance in relationships of today. Daniel and I are fairly conscientious about what we put on Facey regarding our relationship – because it is our relationship, not the cyber-worlds. There is a saying floating about saying “My relationship is so much better since every one has butted out.” But, what do you expect if you are showing everyone your problems instead of fixing them in a behind the scenes space?

While I’m talking about FB, another thing that annoys me is when people change their relationship status after a single fight. Come on, you know exactly what I am talking about! The one’s who have an argument over something that’s just not worth it, the fight blows up, Boom, Bang, Crash, relationship status: Single. Fight resolved a few hours later, Relationship status: In a relationship.

If you have to do something so public as to change your Relationship on FB after a single fight, you have to wonder if you are even wanting the relationship. To seek the public out pour that generally comes with a relationship change then, (yes, I have my judgemental knickers on here) maybe you shouldn’t be in that relationship?

What are your thoughts? Am I too harsh in my opinions? I would love some feedback on this topic!


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