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May 31: The Hair Bow

on June 2, 2012

The Messy Bun. The hairstyle that every girl, the whole world over, can emulate and master within 5 seconds.

Gone are the days where your hair had to be sleek and perfect every single day; we now live in world where putting your hair up haphazardly in something resembling a bun is completely acceptable.

Ladies, Join me in a chorus of “Hells Yeah!!!”

I guess the fact that this is my most common hairstyle says more about my personality than it probably should. I honestly just CBF’d fiddling and straightening and doing all sorts to my unmanageable hair when a messy bun is acceptable for every thing from work, to home, to casual, to dinner dates. It’s flipping awesome for lazy time controlled people like me.

However, one of my favorite styles to do which takes approximately 1 minute longer is putting my hair into a bow. (I’m using big pictures in the hopes you will see better)

To start with, you put hair up into a high ponytail, but on the last pull through the elastic you leave a bit hanging in (so like you were doing a simple bun). Split your hair down the middle of the bun as shown.

Next, you take the piece still dangling it bring it up through the split in your bun and fasten with a bobby pin or whatever you want to.

It will take some experimenting till you figure out how long your “tail” has to be so that it doesn’t stick up.

Next, you arrange the loops on either side to how you want them (bigger, wider, skinnier).

I’ve done flat loops this time, but to make the holes wider you gently pull them apart to your desired gap. Then you spray with hair spray to secure any dangly bits that aren’t quite long enough (especially if you have layered hair, like I do.)

And, Voila! You left with a hair style that’s a little bit left of center and will get you many comments. I generally have mine further up the top but as it’s late at night I wasn’t too fussed – if you want me to do it, let me know.

This Hairstyle is one that my middle sister, Tessa, gets me to do on her hair for school pictures or when she’s going out. Because it’s a little different, she loves it. But, realistically, it takes all of a minute or two to do which means I can have it done quickly, easily and have her on her merry way before she knows it.

The bow looks good with a side-fringe or with your fringe pouffed, which is what I normally do by taking my fringe, gathering it up, giving it a half twist and pulling it back then pushing it forward to make a “bump”.

I realise I probably didn’t need to show you how to do the fringe, but I’m really loving the collage app on my phone! And my regrowth isn’t as bad as it looks, I took the pic outside in the light of my laptop which is why I look blue-ish… whoops.

So anyway, there’s my quick, easy and funky “bow” tutorial šŸ™‚


2 responses to “May 31: The Hair Bow

  1. mum says:

    A young girl in England was banned from her school photo for turning up with her hair in the ‘bow’ style. They refused to let her in the class pic.. TRUE story, google it!

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