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June 4: Being a “Bad Weather” friend.

on June 5, 2012

I am going to be honest with you all here: I am a lazy friend!

I am lucky in that all my close friends know and accept this, and understand that if you want a visit, you had better come to my place. I have milk, I have coffee, I even have mugs to serve it in!

However, I would still like to think I am a good friend.

I have noticed that when things are good for my friends, I tend to stay away. I still think of them, sure,  I just don’t feel the need to be constantly on their doorsteps for coffee (unless you are Tamika, in which case: Suck it Up Princess!)

However, when things are going shit house and their world is crumbling, I will always be there for my mates. I will back them up, talk to them every day, travel 100km just to make sure they’re OK. I’ll send them little messages that just say that I’m thinking of them, and make sure that they are coping as best as they can.

This leads to me to ask: Am I a sucky, as well as a lazy, friend?

You all hear stories of when someone is a “fair weather” friend, and it generally comes with a negative connotation. But what about someone like me, someone who is more of a “Bad Weather” friend? Does that mean that I have become an aspect of a type of friend that I hate?

Personally, I like knowing that my mates understand that I will be when times are in the crapper, and the rest of the time I will leave you alone. It’s not to say I don’t check in on your FB, or don’t think of them, or don’t send them a call or a text randomly; it’s more that I don’t flood myself with their presence, nor them with mine.

I have friends who don’t call me when things are all and well in their lives, but the second something goes wrong they are on my doorstep and I’m giving them a squeezle. I have only ever turned someone away from my doorstep once, so if you turn up in tears, you can be pretty assured that I will have you inside with my kettle on in a matter of seconds.

I have tried to walk the balance between Fair and Bad weather friend, and I just cannot seem to master it. I either get sick of them, they get sick of me, or my good intentions fly out the window with my first late night that leaves me waking up and spending the whole day being lethargic. (Like I said, a lazy friend.)

I am always enthusing about my eclectic friend circle – My friends are all wide and varied in their personalities: I have the quiet and forceful, The out and proud, The theatric singer, The Rum Loving Ferret and many more. I’m lucky that they know that I always think and care of them, even if I don’t speak to them all the time.

But I’m still left wondering if being a “bad weather” friend most of the time makes me a bad friend all the time.



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