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June 8: My first Blog Roll!!!

on June 8, 2012

It has taken six months of sifting through blogs and reading drivel to find a few that I check back on and read religiously. Some are hilarious, some are touching, some are just amazing. I’m going to present you with my top four in the hopes you will follow them like you follow me, and get a glimpse into a life that may be on the other side of the world.

Someone Fat Happened

Maggie is hilarious! It is her daughter who coined the “Lady Boner” saying that I have shamelessly grasped upon. Keeping it real, Maggies stories are all about her life and what she achieves, struggles through and stampedes through like the flame-haired wonder that she is. Open and honest, she has had me in tears several times. I love reading her work.

The Bitchy Bride

The charming Brit who writes this blog is wonderful! Her page is full of ways to have your wedding on a DIY budget and theme, scrummy recipes that leave my mouth watering, as well as cute little arts and crafts. She is an aspiring author who provides a gripping (and hilariously ranty) insight into trying to plan a big day on a budget. Her blogs leave me wanting to know more and her post on how to make a flower for a wedding clutch was fabulous – even I could follow it!

Five In Tow

When I first stumbled upon this blog, I was not expecting to enjoy it. As I have previously said, I am not very religious, but respect those that are. This mother of five is very devout, but I find myself learning from what she has said. Her blog is generally about life with “five in tow” as the title suggests, but the things that keep drawing me back are her crafty projects. She has done some amazing things to her childrens bedroom walls! She is very clever and innovative, and has left me with a lot of inspiration for my kids’ rooms.

Pregnant Chicken

Her slogan is “Keeping pregnancy Sunny Side Up” and she does it fabulously! You can read my favorite post here. Even though I have not yet entered the realm of Mummydom, she is one of my favorite bloggers. Why? Because she doesn’t sugar coat, she tells you the gruesome and terrifying ins and outs but coats them in bacon-flavoured humour. Amy is great at drawing you in and keeping you there! Trust me, if you are a mum, becoming a mum, or came from a mum, you want to read this.

Finding a blog I like that keeps me coming back again and again is important to me – clearly, the topic needs to grab my attention, something about the blog I have to identify with, but most importantly, I have to laugh when I read it.

Fortunately for me, these four blogs do that in spades. I look forward to the emails I get when a new blog is posted, and I am generally straight on to it!

What are your favorite blogs?


4 responses to “June 8: My first Blog Roll!!!

  1. thebitchybride says:

    Aw, thank you – I’m truly flattered not to be classed as “drivel” and so glad you enjoy reading my blatherings. The feeling is mutual ❤

  2. fiveintow says:

    Hey, thanks for including my site in your blog roll! I’m glad you checked it out, and I’m glad you stayed. 🙂 Otherwise, I might not have found YOU! Keep up the great blogging.

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