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June 9: Right or Privilege to Pee with the Door Shut?

on June 9, 2012

One of the first things my Aunty Kalmar taught me is something that is going to stick with me for the rest of my life:

“Gert, you give up the right to piss with the door closed once you shoot a kid out!”

For as long as I can remember, my mum has gone to the toilet with the door open. I actually remember her saying once, “I know the door is open but that’s so you don’t hurt yourself; can I PLEASE just PIDDLE in PEACE?!”

Daniel and I often have words because I grew up in a house where the doors had to be open all the time (closed doors meant secrets, I think… I’m still not too sure on my parents reasoning for this); Where mum piddled with the door open so she could make sure us kids weren’t killing each other and where privacy wasn’t a huge issue because we were family; Some how, I have grown up into someone who already piddles with the door open, even though I have no kidlets!

I will often hear Daniel holler up the hallway “Shut the effing door!”, and I remember once being made of by a family member in a class full of people because we didn’t shut the door. It’s not like you sit there on your throne and yell out “Hey, I’m on the toilet, want to watch?” – you just got into the habit of not shutting the door because you always had to keep an ear out for the toddlers in your house who gravitated toward things when you were taking a pit-stop.

On a similar note, I know people who DO piddle with door closed, even if they have kids. Usually, I have noticed, that means the kids are outside the door hollering and screaming and demanding your attention. I figure, if they’re going to be doing this anyway, you may as well have the door open. It’s not like you’re being left alone anyway and you can shoo them away whilst you perform… ahem… the paper work.

I got a message once from a friend of mine who has kids. It was the first day in five years she had NO kids at her house, and her message said:
Dude… do you know what a luxury it is to piss with the door shut, with no kids screaming for me, and enjoying the peace? I think I might just sit here all day, enjoying it!

I tend to get people looking at me like a freak when I say my mum used the loo with the door open for as long as I can remember. The looks come associated with the words “Are you serious? I will never do that! My kids need to  learn that Mum needs private time too!”

Well, yes. Mum does need private time. You can look forward to that in… I don’t know… five years or so when your kids go to school.


7 responses to “June 9: Right or Privilege to Pee with the Door Shut?

  1. Caroline says:

    Sorry Kloi! Always closed the door even with 3 toddlers in the house. It’s MY time and they learnt that very quickly. As for getting into trouble, you kid proof your house the day they are born!! Still close door, even with them all at school now. 🙂

  2. Angbrennil says:

    I must say that I have the door open… I have lived in 2 houses with an ensuite & one that had a long toilet so you couldn’t see me anyway. But my mates do have a habit of coming to talk to me while I am on the toilet… maybe the open door sends the message that I am available to talk while tinkling.

    • Kloi-Jayd says:

      i think it might lol!
      I close the door if i have guests here (that doesn’t include furniture such as Meeks lol) but other than that I leave the door open. What’s disturbing to some is common for others 🙂 big love!

      • Angbrennil says:

        but my toilet is in my bathroom. In my bedroom is my bathroom and in my bathroom is my toilet… it is out of the way you have to walk into 2 rooms to get to it… but i still get visits. I think it is also a given… once you have kids you lose your privacy… whether I close the door or not my kids still insist that talking to me is a necessity while i am either tinkling or showering… 😀

  3. mum says:

    I always had the toilet door open because you were one of those lovely little people who used to call for me the second I shut it. Bloody Hell Gert for the first 14 months of your crawling/toddlering life you sat on my knee whilst I widdled. I would sit, you would come from whatever room I had left you in (whilst I snuck off) with in about 10 seconds and then on my lap you would be, it was always when you wanted to talk to me. Then as you got older it was still talking time apparently and then it became habit to leave it open.
    Still is, Peanut & Bassa hate it.. LOL
    As for hurting yourself, that was one of the things YOU told me when you were about 3, I asked why I needed you in the dunny with me and you said “Cos I might hurt myself if you aren’t there Mummy’ and that was it for me, ever after doorless on the throne! I remembered it when your sister was born and she has never known any different than me leaving the door open.

    Next tackle, open doors in the house is because we are family and we should have no need to shut each other out of any portion of our lives. I am happy knowing that my door is open for any of my kids at any time, for goodness sake your little sister is 13 and still bloody gets into my bed when she is cold, this practice of ‘open door living’ has been going on since you were born, I swore I would never shut my kids out and I never have. I love you all and there is no space in my home that my children are not welcome.
    xoxoxoox Love ya and great blog!

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