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June 17: After some reflection…

on June 19, 2012

As you may notice I am a few days behind in my blogging. I decided to take a few days off and reflect upon what this blog means to me, why I started it, and how I have handled it.

I started Ramblings in an effort to prove to myself that I can have a post for every day and that I can stick to something. It was to show myself that I can change self made patterns. It was to help give me the confidence to begin my nursing next year. I knew that I would have to thicken my skin, as there was no way my opinions would gel with everyones. I knew there would be backlash on some of my posts – I even had one removed by WordPress! – but I was willing to handle that.

However, as someone who has known me for a long time pointed out, it seems I am constantly apologising for what I have written. Jo picked up on my frustration and made a key point that has been enforced by others: “You write these blogs, your feelings, opinions, your views on life… And then it seems straight afterwards you’re trying to apologise for it!”

So, I came to a conclusion:
My blog isn’t for everyone – and that is fine.
I will no longer apologise for my views or beliefs – and that is fine.
Every now and then I do write of topics which should probably be PG – and that is fine.

I wrote this blog for me and to get things off my chest. So that is what I am going to keep doing. I am going to ask questions, and get involved in debates; I am going to talk about whatever issue is in my head, whether Joe Blow likes it or not; I am going to stop censoring my views for fear of alienating a person.

I never set out to intentionally hurt or belittle someone on Ramblings, and I realised that I actually have never done it. I have never hurt someone with my blogs. I may have pissed a few… ok, a lot… of people off with my views, but I do that in real life, not just on the internet.

So from now on, if you don’t like what I write, then don’t read it. If you have a problem with what I have written, then discuss it with me. If you demand that I apologise for what I have written, then go to Hell.

To the people who have felt the need to run me down: This is MY blog, MY ambitions, MY zone.

In the words of a child I know: Go and suck eggs you stupid heads.


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