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June 19: Is it the same for them as it is for you?

on June 19, 2012

Today is the birthday of someone that I used to know. They’ve been in the back of mind on and off through the day, and then when I was in the car before a song came on that makes me think of them, every time, and smile. It’s just an ordinary song, but clearly one that has some sort of memory within my brain.

It made me wonder: this particular song makes me think of a particular person. But does that same song make the person think of me?

It sort of highlighted the “two sides to each story” theory. Just because 3.5 minutes brings back memories like a flood to me, it doesn’t mean it would to the other person. What is important to me may not have been as important to them.

When I think of my time as a teenager with this person, it’s generally a load of pictures mixed in with a flurry of Tuna sandwiches, learning to tell the tone of a number on a mobile phone when pushed, and platform shoes. What they may think of that same time is travelling, Nintendo, and ten minute calls so the free time didn’t run out.

Two people in any story have completely different views of the pages on which it is written. No two people see a picture exactly the same way, so there is always discrepancies. For some reason, tonight just drove this home for me.

Have you ever looked back on years gone by, and wonder if someone intertwined in your memories ever thinks of the same thing? I do it all the time. With old friends, old boy friends, family members. I guess, from a psychological view, it all depends on what was most important to the person – for me, it may have been that I was highly embarrassed, and so I remember that in a hope not to repeat it. But for someone else, that singular instance may be as important as whether or not it rained on the day they were born.

It’s time like this I would just love to be a mind reader – I would love to see someone else’s view of the same thing I saw, and seeing what I missed, what they missed, and what still is firm in the two different minds.

To the person – who I have kept anonymous for obvious reasons – Happy Birthday. I hope it was grand.


3 responses to “June 19: Is it the same for them as it is for you?

  1. littletash says:

    I think you should go ahead and imagine they think of you too. Maybe not at the exact same time, but I bet if they’ve left that much of a footprint on your life then the feeling’s mutual. They probably think of you at odd moments on odd days while you’re a thousand miles away washing your hair or buying groceries, completely oblivious to the thoughts they’re sending your way.

    When my sister was younger I told her that every time you thought to yourself “I miss so and so”, a thousand invisible lovebugs flew out of the ends of your hair and through the sky to find them, then dribbled down into their skull to give them an invisible “inside hug.”

    She didn’t even believe me at six or seven, but I still stick to it as a metaphor. 🙂

    • Kloi-Jayd says:

      Thats the nicest metaphor I have heard in a long time. Every now and then I think of them, and I always smile. I like to think that a random memory makes them smile too 🙂
      Hope the wedding plans are all flowing well!

  2. Christina Kuhne says:

    Yes I have a dear friend I grew up with and we have lost touch and I have tried finding her to no avail and I miss her and often wonder does she remember me.

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