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June 22: Are these a real size 16, or are they actually a 12 in disguise?

on June 24, 2012

The perils of shopping. If you’re not having to pay ridonkulous prices, you’re having to tackle the idea that just because the tag says it’s your size, doesn’t mean it actually is. I was discussing this with my friend Beth the other day, and she said she was a size 6-10, depending on the make, brand, etc. But she pointed out that it doesn’t just  happen in womens clothes, it happens for babies and children as well. Her daughter, who is about two years old, ranges from a size 0 to a size 3!

Grasping on her idea of writing a blog about the lying tags, I asked for her opinions on the matter.

My husband can’t understand why I need to try clothes on when I go shopping. The amount of time I spend in the change room equates to the amount of time he is left alone with a newborn at the moment, so when I told him recently (while she was asleep in the car) that I would duck in, because I knew exactly what I needed as I had already looked online and wouldn’t be long, we both had different things in mind.

I had fifteen minutes in mind (I knew which jeans I needed, I just needed to try them on, get changed again, and purchase) and he apparently had 1 minute in mind (grab pair of jeans, pay and leave.) And that is how simple it is for men. For my husband to buy a pair of jeans, he knows his waist measurement, he finds a pair of jeans that match his waist measurement, purchases and leaves. No need to look online to cut down shopping time.

However I have been (without actually changing shape) in different brands of jeans, a size 6,7,8,9,10 and 11. So it is unfortunately, a necessity to try on first, because apparently its too hard for all brands to run by the same measurements of clothing for women.

Alister is always a XL in any top or jumper, and for pants you just go the waist measurement, which is conveniently the same as the actual measurement of their waist… so 38 inches is 38 inches. I have no idea what 8 is supposed to mean, and apparently it means lots of different things.

Another friend of mine, Rebecca, said:

The average woman is a size 16-18, as a nation. For some reason, the retailers still expect us to dress as Barbie Dolls.
I wear size 16 in one particular brand yet in another shop, I can’t get a 16 over my freakin’ thighs. So, in order to have my lady legs covered, I need to upsize to a 22. Yes, a 22, when I am a 16. Go figure.

We have no standardized sizing in Australia, or the world, for that matter. If we were to go to America we would be in a size 10; yet in Australia, I’m a 16-18.

What are your thoughts on having to try everything on because you can’t trust the tag? Does it make you angry, do you just deal with it, or do you buy the size and hope for the best?

Beths husband also runs a blog – check it out!


2 responses to “June 22: Are these a real size 16, or are they actually a 12 in disguise?

  1. mum says:

    16-18.. Bahhhhhhhhhh

  2. Kloi-Jayd says:

    You are incredibly odd…

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