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June 23: Give me a time limit.

on June 25, 2012

I’ve spoken about grief over losing someone at  length. This blog has been cathartic for me in dealing with the loss of my Great-Grandmother.

Today has been a “bad day” for me – it feels like Nanny has occupied my head space since the moment I woke up.

I wish there was a time limit for grief. You know, someone who says “Hey! 6 months, and you won’t hurt anymore.”

I really want there to be a definite time when so I can say “It’s only going to hurt for this much longer” – instead of this limbo where I am fine for weeks on end, and then Bam! A lady walks past wearing perfume that smells like cat piss and I’m a blubbering mess.

I want to know when it’s going to stop hurting. Vague answers of “when it does”do nothing for me. They make me angry. My thoughts make me sad.

I just want answers.


2 responses to “June 23: Give me a time limit.

  1. SJ says:

    There is no time limit on grief.
    The hurt will always be there.
    It is hard, I won’t lie.
    But it does get easier.
    In fact, I would be worried if you didn’t occasionally have a day where you felt like shit and cried for the one person you miss the most.
    It is more healthy for you to openly grieve than to
    internalize everything.
    Hugs to you, you know where to find me…

  2. Christina Kuhne says:

    Oh Kloe when you find out please tell me… I saw one of my sister’s photo on the fridge this morning and there I go again. I can’t take the photo down feels like the final thing… Sending you a Cyber hugz anyway

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