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June 27: Photoshop Fails

on June 29, 2012

Photo shopping something is an everyday occurrence. Some of them are fantastic, and will fool the majority of people. Some of them are not so fantastic, and leave you the laughing stock of the internet for about 1.573 seconds. The actual date that Marty travels to is October 21,2015 – but still, it’s a pretty awesome job. I was fooled.

I never knew Justin Bieber had no pores, wore eyeliner and mascara and had decidedly feminine features. Ok, I did, but lets just flow with it, OK?

This one always makes me giggle. For people to be paid so highly yet forget a significant piece of the picture, leaves without a shadow of doubt that they have no clue. Geddit? Shadow? God I crack me up.

Catalogues are an awesome source for finding photoshop fails. You can safely say that catalogues go to the majority of homes – shouldn’t some one look a little closer?

I’ve always wanted to get with someone that was shaped like a uterus. Look at how the heat waves emanating off him cause distortion to the back ground. Oh? That’s not what has happened? Moving right along…

Imaginitive? Yes. Believable? No. I mean, if the bike wasn’t appearing to be inside of a house, he may have fooled me. Placement, people!!!

Nice bikini top… but you just made a boob of yourself… I love being punny.

This mob must be offering 20% off fingers and hands too!

Ladies, why must you insist on photoshopping your boobs? And can you teach me how to do it? I’ve always wanted to be a one-boob-wonder.

Thats why Miley’s a triple threat! Not because she can sing, dance and act, but because she has three hands!

I want a wardrobe with wicked handles like that! Maybe, if I stand in front of it, I will get curves. No? Bummer.

Do you have any favorite photoshop fails? Send ’em on through!


2 responses to “June 27: Photoshop Fails

  1. The guy with the huge fake check, you know the one without a shadow lol look at the reflection in the side of the car 🙂 . People so need to learn to not make the changes so obvious, you can tweek a pic and get the look you desire. Without causing spatial anomalies.

  2. littletash says:

    These are hilarious!

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