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July 4: Trying to explain to a Pom…

on July 7, 2012

So, I’m going to confuse you for a moment. I’m a few days behind in blogging, and while this blog is for July 4, It’s actually July 7 today, and my inspiration for this blog came from the July 6 Footy Match. We all cool?  Caught on? Good.

Football is a tentative subject in Ringless Central. I go for Carlton (Love My Boys!!!) and Dan goes for Collingwood (And he has teeth… Yeah, I was suprised too). So last nights football match at the MCG between The Blues and The Pies made for some interesting viewing in the Lounge Room. I put this up on FB:

Seriously, the things coming out of Dans mouth were just as amusing as the aerial ping pong the Colly-Wobbles were playing at. As you expect, there was a bit of banter on the status, general slamming of both teams by the others’ supporters. And then, today, This popped up:

Karl is my cousin who lives in the fair old land of Lon-Don, Eng-A-Land (yes, I did say that like Dr. Evil.)  Ok, he’s not from London specifically, but You can’t say England like that without London preceding it, right? Anyway, Moving right along…

He always makes me laugh with things he says, and he’s met Danny John Jules so he has like a million kajillion cool points in his back pocket. As you do with across-the-pond neighbors, sometimes we have a culture clash and we teach each other something new. Today, I got to teach him one of Australias most important rules: YOU DON’T GO FOR COLLINGWOOD!

How do you explain to someone who is foreign the level of disdain that comes along with the Collingwood brand? They’re the team we love to hate. Australia is pretty much divided into two sections: Those that love Collingwood, and those that don’t. I fall into the “Don’t” section without a doubt.

My Nan and her family, as well as Dan, go for the Toothless Wonders, which makes for some interesting debates around footy season. Ok, yeah, I go for Carlton and we may suck more than we don’t, but at least we’re not Collingwood. No matter how many wooden spoons we have, we don’t have black and white stripes and we have our teeth. Go us!

I feel like today has been a major accomplishment. I may have done sweet F.A except fantasize about Christian Grey – but I also educated a family member on the folly of supporting the Collingwood. That makes up for anything.

I mean, we all have to educate someone, don’t we? I think I did it pretty well!


2 responses to “July 4: Trying to explain to a Pom…

  1. Karl says:

    cheers Kloi 🙂

  2. mum says:

    PMSL: from infancy we teach our children ABC, as an acronym this is:
    Anything But Collingwood!

    PS: Danny John Jules is something, but bring me a plate of steaming hot Lister!!!

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