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July 8: Mid-year slump

on July 15, 2012

I’ve been lying to myself for the last few days. I’ve been saying that I am too busy, or too tired, or too whatever-is-handy at the time. But in reality? I have hit the mid-year slump. Can’t deny it any more.

I’m running out of topics, even though I have a stock pile.
I’m running out of oomph, even after I took time off.

What can I do to regain some of the love I had for this? It’s got me worried.

As you know, I have made the steps to do my nursing next year; will I get bored and have to force myself midway? Or do you think, that because it will be a constant learning, I will be fine? I think I will be – I know there will be constant work and learning and new things to read, so maybe that will stop the boredom.

To be fair to my self, I get like this every year. It’s half way, so I am hankering for Christmas and the next years adventures. It’s not just the blog, it’s life in general. This is my “itchy feet” time – I start looking for new things to occupy my easily distracted brain space; I crave adventure and new and exciting things. This is usually the time when I pick up a new hobby or do something completely impulsive and crazy like dye my hair pink or get a new tattoo or piercing.

Do you ever reach a “slump”? How did you kick your butt out of it?


One response to “July 8: Mid-year slump

  1. RoSy says:

    This happens to me too. Try something fun – relaxing. If that doesn’t work – kick your own ars out of it – that’s what I do 😉

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