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July 13: Dear You.

on July 18, 2012

Dear You.

Yes. YOU. Reading this blog.

I have seen you walk past me in the street. I have seen you comment on the internet. I have seen you in the back of classrooms.

You’re amazing. You’re wonderful. You’re beautiful.

Do you know that somewhere, some one is thinking of you? Someone thinks you are perfect. Do you know why they think that? Because you are. You are perfectly you.

I have seen you be too scared to put forth an opinion, in case someone thinks it’s wrong. Your opinion is never wrong – you are entitled to your opinion. You’re amazing enough to share your opinion. Trust me.

What are you worried about? Are you not societies image of perfection, so you feel less worthy? Society is screwed up. Don’t ever feel that because you are different to a model, you are less than that model.

You’re not. You are equal to that model. To someone, you are better than that model.

Did you know, when you smile, your whole face lights up? Your eyes sparkle and you radiate. Your are never more beautiful than when you smile.

Sing a song with me.
“When you’re smiling, when you’re smiling, the whole world’s smiling with you…”

Remember to smile, beautiful one. Someone may be falling in love with your smile, even if you don’t realise it.

Hey, You! Are you still with me? Are you listening to what I am saying? You are the epitome of a perfect you.

You are worthy of everything the world has to offer you. If anyone ever tells you different, don’t believe them. Why shouldn’t you believe them? Because you are an amazing person, with a lovely heart. No one is more deserving than you. You can have the world as your oyster, if you want it. You can have anything. You are no less worthy than someone who already has them.

You’re an amazing person with an individual personality. You are someone who can light up a room with your lovely smile. You are worthy of all the riches in Persia.

You are perfect. You are the most perfect you that there ever could be. Don’t lose that, beautiful one. You are exactly how you are meant to be. You are wonderful.

Lots of Love,
Me xo


3 responses to “July 13: Dear You.

  1. that goes ditto right back at ya hun love me xxxxxxxx

  2. RoSy says:

    Awww…THANKS! {Hugs}

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