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June 16: The Bobby Pins which grow legs

on July 22, 2012

There is a legend in every females house. It turns up in every bedroom, every crevice, every possible place.

It is the legend of… The Vanishing Bobby Pins

When I pull out a couch or whatever I am always the re-owner of a million bobby pins. It’s amazing!

They start out in my hair, and then attached to my clothes at the end of the day. From there? They disappear into Bobby-Pin land.

Ask any girl in the world and they will agree with me. Bobby Pins just seem to vanish, go into nothingness, only to turn up again in some strange and unwarranted place that you would never have thought to check.

I have come to the conclusion that mine grow legs, run away, and hide. I don’t know why – maybe its because I twist them into all sorts of shapes when I am bored? If so, I would completely understand. I probably wouldn’t like it either, so I respect their choice.

BUT I would appreciate it if they made their (NON?) presence known before I actually need them. There is nothing more frustrating than getting your hair so it looks awesome and then not being able to find a Bobby. Ladies, can I get a Hell Yeah?

Imagine this: You’re having a great hair day. This hair allows you to take on the world. You’re rocking it, smirking in the mirror, doing that whole “Oh, Yeah, I got this shit” pose. You need one more Bobby Pin. Just one! But you can’t find it any where. So, kepping your head still, you carefully remove the hand holding it all together and search with one hand. You can’t find it. You then notice that your hair, which was perfect before, has fallen and gone awry. You get shitty, scrape your hair back into a pony tail and walk away from the mirror in a huff. All because of one measly little pain in the butt Bobby Pin.

Bobby Pins turned up snagged in carpet, stuck on clothes, in towels, in drains, beside your bed, under your bed. You get my drift, right? They just turn up everywhere.

I even designated a little Bobby Pin holder in my bathroom but they still seemed to abscond. They’re slippery little buggers!

I think they wait till I’m asleep, and then get all Chicken Run on me and figure out a way to run away from me.

What do you do to keep your Bobby Pins together? r are you like me and have escape artist Bobby Pins that are all named Houdini?


One response to “June 16: The Bobby Pins which grow legs

  1. mum says:

    Your sister has many homeless Bobby Pins that congregate at the local tip, if I find them laying about the house I put them in the bin so they can all be together. I would hate to think they are lonely.. xoxox

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