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July 22: If my friends were beverages of the alcoholic variety.

I have such a random and eclectic mix of friends. No one is exactly like an other. Each of them brings something to my life that another may not.

I was thinking up abstract topics – ones that I can have fun with. Somehow, my mental process ended up with this topic. Don’t ask how I got there!I am not advocating using alcohol or anything here. I am not actually that big a drinker, with the exclusion of my birthday and the odd night. It’s more than when I do drink, I tend to go over board.

These are not all my friends: More my main core of mates that I speak to all the time and visit if I get a chance.

Tamika would be Vodka. She is just what I need after a long summers day, and goes down smoothly until you take too much of her, and then she burns you. She is always up for laughs and guarantees I have them. Yep. Definitely Vodka.

Rebecca would be… Baileys. Smooth, calming, with a hint of spice. Nice and measured, but with the ability to make me do crazy things.

Chiko… Well… I can only think of Tequila for her. This is going to sound so wrong, but Tequila makes my clothes fall off and I do crazy stuff. It’s the hard and fast method to a time not remembered, but with crazy ass photos that will haunt me till the day I die.

My Big sister, Bec… I wondered for a bit what she would be. I think she would be Bacardi rum. My go to, my calmer, my mixer, my straight. I think that sums her up perfectly.

Ness. She was a toughie. She doesn’t drink very much, but one of my favorite photos of her is in Greece with a big glass of some cocktail. So I think I would make her my cocktail, a mixture of great things rolled into one.

smAshley and Ashliegh. There was no doubt with this one, they would be my Bundaberg Rum. Always up for a good time that’s filled with the possibility of everything, which keeps me calm while being totally chaotic.

Samantha: No doubt here! She is definitley my Passion Pop! The alcohol that you have when things are going to get out of hand but you just don’t care. Always up for the unexpected, Sam is definitely this one.

Sally. Ugh. Where do I put Sally? She’s not my wine, and she’s a lot more smoother than hard liquor. I think she would be my Chambord – smooth, delightful, never harsh or nasty. Yep, I think Chambord would suit Sal perfectly!

Well, after reading that, it would appear that I have a well stocked bar at my disposal. I am so lucky!

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July 21: RPGs and why I can’t play them.

Do you know what RPGs stand for? It means Role Playing Games.

Think Final Fantasy, Skyrim, WoW, yadda yadda yadda.

I have friends who spend hours on these games. I don’t just mean a few, I mean a lot. And I just don’t get them!

I have a limited attention span, I have no sense of direction or memory of where I have been in a game, I get bored if there is no definite ending in sight, and basically? I just get bored of the whole game.

Now – give me Mario. I will play that bad boy down. Even PokeMon Snap! on 64 will get played within an inch of it’s life. What do these two have in common, other than the fact that they are played on two of the coolest systems ever brought out by Nintendo? They have definite endings. There is no “If I go this way, then that way, then bend over and kiss my butt, I will get another inch closer to the end!”
There is just “hey, keep going to the right! The castle will be there!”

Plain and simple, yes? I think so. My life is confusing and hectic enough – I don’t want to play it as well! I like simplicity. I like that I only have to jump on a Goombas head once, and know that the bastard isn’t going to come back alive to me! Ok, I know this example is moot when you get to the baddies, but hey, go with me.

I have watched my friends play their games, and usually, once they hit the “start” button, I am lost. They look at compasses and know which direction to go in, they worry about things like bandits and bears and skeletons jumping at them, and I’m just sitting there with a blank look on my face. I couldn’t even master Spyro, how am I going to grasp this?

Sit me down with a SNES controller, put in Mario (Or Yoshi, if you’re feeling super generous) and watch me tear it up. I can play those games with my eyes closed because I have been playing them for years and love them. (P.S – I did actually finish a level with my eyes closed once. Possibly my proudest moment.) You know where things are going to be, you don’t have to worry about them coming at you with a bayonet thats laced with some poison that will turn you inside out. You just have to get to the end of the level.

I guess this actually says a lot more about my intelligence level than I realised. I just don’t like long, involved processes. Short, Simple, and to the point is how to win me over in a game.

Now pass me that controller. I need to beat my best time on Mario Kart.

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July 20: Samson came to my bed, Told me that my hair was Red…

I’m pretty proud of myself. My hair was kept one colour, pretty much, for a whole year.


This hasn’t happened since I was about 12. I love having my hair different colours, and get bored rather easily. Pink, Blue, Black, Red, Orange, Blonde, Brown, Yellow. You name it, I have probably done. Except for green. I hate green.

My hair is the one thing in my life that I feel like I control 24/7, 365. I also feel sorry for it – It goes through so much!

My hair tends to get changed when I go through some kind of huge thing in my life. This time, it was starting University and it went Bright Red.


The problem is though, that it is starting to fade already. I definitely didn’t think it right through, and I can see it having to be a redo job every few weeks. Because it went over the top of blonde, it went super bright. I was a little surprised at how well it turned out – after all, to me, brighter is better. I like bright things, especially hair.

I now actually take the time to do my hair. It’s been teased, curled, straightened, mussed. I have fun doing it again, rather than just throwing it up into a bun or a bow.

Any woman will tell you that their hair is a major part of their confidence. This is why I have so much respect for the women who shave it off for various charities and what not. Go you good things! But leave mine alone. My hair is a symbol of femininity (remember the lack of boobs) and it means a lot more to me than it should.

I can hide behind it when I’m feeling nervous, or I can pull it all back when I’m all “I am woman, hear me Roar!”
I can fiddle with it when I’m bored, or I can make it cute and fluffy when I need a pick me up.

Most women take a lot of pride in their hair, and any changing of it is not generally taken lightly. This is why hair dressers have such a booming trade! Seriously, Hairdressers are like God with the magic they do. They deserve a golden scissors award, every year or something. Think the Grammys of the Hair dressing trade.

I toyed briefly with the idea of cutting mine short again. When I was in year 7 at school, I had the boys cut: kind of a mushroom top with the undercut. I love it then, and sometimes now I think I could rock it. And then I look at my hair, and go “Naaaaaa.”

What do you think about hair? Is it a symbol to you, or do you think it’s not? Shoot me through some comments, lets get some discussion!


July 19: University, comin’atcha!

So, we all know I have aspirations of becoming a midwife.

Well now, guess who is a student of La Trobe University, Wodonga, and has been now for three weeks?

Starting Uni has been amazing for me in so many different ways. I feel like a sponge some days, eager to soak up everything I possibly can so that I can get home and do my homework. I am putting in extra hours in to my homework, and I know that to some it is somewhat unnecessary. But to me, I love it. My social life has diminished, I miss my family… but I’m learning again. I am taking the steps to better myself and my prospects. Go me!

The biggest thing I am struggling with at Uni is that I have to be super careful about putting my opinions into papers and essays. I mean, Hello? I am the most opininated person I know… after my mother. I have an opinion on most things, and there has been an occassion already where it has bubbled burst forth in a class discussion. (P.S – I have very firm opinions on obesity. I will take you on!)

The copious amounts of writing are sometimes daunting to me. I can do it on a computer if I wish, but for me things sink in better if I hand-write them out. It’s the first time in my whole schooling life that I have been super-duper organised, and I know what assignments I have due when and they’re usually done!

One thing I like about University is the anonymity. No one cares whether you’re fat, skinny, in ugg boots or in high heels. It’s a place where the hard questions get asked but where you have to find the answers. The library is amazing, and I could get lost in some of the reference sections.

I have made many new friends, and they’re all awesome. We’re all there for the same reason: to learn and grow.

Daniel got in as well, which I am proud of. Two Uni students in the Ringless HQ – my loungeroom looks like a students because we both have folders and pens and papers in our seats (yes, we have spots where we always sit. Mine is a giant armchair. Don’t screw up my ass groove).

The other big change since starting Uni is that my sleeping patterns have changed. I am now in bed and asleep by about midnight, and up and about between 7 and 8. I feel great! I am no where near as tired as I used to be, I am not up till all hours. Holy Hell, I actually have a routine for the first time in years! WOOOOOOO!

Going to Uni is about the biggest, most significant, thing I have done in years. I feel fulfilled, and happy. It’s nice to want to go to somewhere and learn, instead of fearing the outside world. It feels good to be making progress and steps toward my ultimate dream.


July 18: The trap in which I fell.

It’s happened. I have known it, but have shut my eyes to it for the last month. Yes, Month.

I fell into the trap of every bloggers worst nightmare. I let this get too far ahead of me, and then the tasks seemed to much for me to catch up. Then I would find every excuse under the sun not to blog, because I knew how much of a task I had ahead of me. SILLY SILLY ME!

So much has happened in the last month. I wish I could sit back and rewatch it, look for signs, look for outs, and just relive it again. I have been crazy hectic busy, but I am starting to see just what is ahead of me. It’s still all blurry at this stage, and there are somethings I am just not sure of. But the light is there.

So, you’re all going to be spammed by me for a little while. I have four hours today in which I have left open, purely to blog as much as possible. If I can crank out a few blogs today then I will be well on my way.

The last month is going to be spoken about in upcoming blogs. Things are a-happening for me! Let’s all get excited!

But I know I can never get this far behind again. there is only four months left of this year, and I still have 165 posts left to do! I have completed 200 (This is 201!) but I cannot let myself down about my goal. I have worked so hard on it, for so long.

I have planned somethings to get me back in love with this page. There is a revamp coming, if I can talk my cousin into it. I have a list of topics to discuss. I have some social events that I need explained to me!

Thank you to every one who has waited for me. I appreciate you all so much!

Big Love