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July 20: Samson came to my bed, Told me that my hair was Red…

on August 15, 2012

I’m pretty proud of myself. My hair was kept one colour, pretty much, for a whole year.


This hasn’t happened since I was about 12. I love having my hair different colours, and get bored rather easily. Pink, Blue, Black, Red, Orange, Blonde, Brown, Yellow. You name it, I have probably done. Except for green. I hate green.

My hair is the one thing in my life that I feel like I control 24/7, 365. I also feel sorry for it – It goes through so much!

My hair tends to get changed when I go through some kind of huge thing in my life. This time, it was starting University and it went Bright Red.


The problem is though, that it is starting to fade already. I definitely didn’t think it right through, and I can see it having to be a redo job every few weeks. Because it went over the top of blonde, it went super bright. I was a little surprised at how well it turned out – after all, to me, brighter is better. I like bright things, especially hair.

I now actually take the time to do my hair. It’s been teased, curled, straightened, mussed. I have fun doing it again, rather than just throwing it up into a bun or a bow.

Any woman will tell you that their hair is a major part of their confidence. This is why I have so much respect for the women who shave it off for various charities and what not. Go you good things! But leave mine alone. My hair is a symbol of femininity (remember the lack of boobs) and it means a lot more to me than it should.

I can hide behind it when I’m feeling nervous, or I can pull it all back when I’m all “I am woman, hear me Roar!”
I can fiddle with it when I’m bored, or I can make it cute and fluffy when I need a pick me up.

Most women take a lot of pride in their hair, and any changing of it is not generally taken lightly. This is why hair dressers have such a booming trade! Seriously, Hairdressers are like God with the magic they do. They deserve a golden scissors award, every year or something. Think the Grammys of the Hair dressing trade.

I toyed briefly with the idea of cutting mine short again. When I was in year 7 at school, I had the boys cut: kind of a mushroom top with the undercut. I love it then, and sometimes now I think I could rock it. And then I look at my hair, and go “Naaaaaa.”

What do you think about hair? Is it a symbol to you, or do you think it’s not? Shoot me through some comments, lets get some discussion!


3 responses to “July 20: Samson came to my bed, Told me that my hair was Red…

  1. Christina Kuhne says:

    I will reserve my opinion on this one, but you do look like your mother

  2. RoSy says:

    I’m not as daring as you are – I have yet to dye my hair in over 40 years of life. I’m starting to see a lot of greys – so maybe soon. We’ll see… I do love my hair though 😉

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