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July 22: If my friends were beverages of the alcoholic variety.

on August 15, 2012

I have such a random and eclectic mix of friends. No one is exactly like an other. Each of them brings something to my life that another may not.

I was thinking up abstract topics – ones that I can have fun with. Somehow, my mental process ended up with this topic. Don’t ask how I got there!I am not advocating using alcohol or anything here. I am not actually that big a drinker, with the exclusion of my birthday and the odd night. It’s more than when I do drink, I tend to go over board.

These are not all my friends: More my main core of mates that I speak to all the time and visit if I get a chance.

Tamika would be Vodka. She is just what I need after a long summers day, and goes down smoothly until you take too much of her, and then she burns you. She is always up for laughs and guarantees I have them. Yep. Definitely Vodka.

Rebecca would be… Baileys. Smooth, calming, with a hint of spice. Nice and measured, but with the ability to make me do crazy things.

Chiko… Well… I can only think of Tequila for her. This is going to sound so wrong, but Tequila makes my clothes fall off and I do crazy stuff. It’s the hard and fast method to a time not remembered, but with crazy ass photos that will haunt me till the day I die.

My Big sister, Bec… I wondered for a bit what she would be. I think she would be Bacardi rum. My go to, my calmer, my mixer, my straight. I think that sums her up perfectly.

Ness. She was a toughie. She doesn’t drink very much, but one of my favorite photos of her is in Greece with a big glass of some cocktail. So I think I would make her my cocktail, a mixture of great things rolled into one.

smAshley and Ashliegh. There was no doubt with this one, they would be my Bundaberg Rum. Always up for a good time that’s filled with the possibility of everything, which keeps me calm while being totally chaotic.

Samantha: No doubt here! She is definitley my Passion Pop! The alcohol that you have when things are going to get out of hand but you just don’t care. Always up for the unexpected, Sam is definitely this one.

Sally. Ugh. Where do I put Sally? She’s not my wine, and she’s a lot more smoother than hard liquor. I think she would be my Chambord – smooth, delightful, never harsh or nasty. Yep, I think Chambord would suit Sal perfectly!

Well, after reading that, it would appear that I have a well stocked bar at my disposal. I am so lucky!


One response to “July 22: If my friends were beverages of the alcoholic variety.

  1. RoSy says:

    LOL – Fun post! Nice drinks to have around…I mean friends đŸ™‚

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