Ramblings of a Ringless Wife

Ringless Wife, Messy House, Cluttered Brain. All in a standard day.

About The Ringless Wife

Hi, and welcome to these, my Ramblings.

I am a 25 year old woman, and as the title suggests, I am one of the growing number of  “Ringless Wives” that grace your every day presence.
I am told that I am a very strange person to know – and you either love me, or you hate me.
I am one of seven siblings, countless grandchildren and even more cousins.

I am by no means a glamorous person. I can go weeks without shaving my legs; My hair is always tied back but very rarely styled; make up is not high on my list; and as for clothes – if they’re clean, they will do! Even as I write this, I have a ruined nail set!

My house is never spotless, and very rarely is it even tidy. It is politely referred to as “cluttered and disorganized” by my faithful, but few, friends.
I live with my partner, Daniel, our cat, and our numerous gold fish, in a 3 bedroom home on the cusp of “good living” in Lavington, NSW. We’re above the below, but below the upper. We’re stuck in the middle where money gets tight, but I guess we’re doing alright!

I am a person with eclectic tastes – I can listen to Metallica just as comfortably as I can Britney Spears; And Anne of Green Gables is my favorite series to read, along with Harry Potter. I enjoy reading above most other things – I believe that it has kept me sane on many an occasion!

I am a novice cake decorator, and have my own little – read, very little – business. But being a realist, I am aware that cake decorating as a full time job is a hard thing to bring about. As babies are high up on passion-list,  Someone suggested I use my skills as an AIN and finish my nursing certificates. From this, the seed of thought was planted.

I am a notorious “Gunna.” I’m always starting things, gung-ho like, but then getting bored or losing interest half way through. That is why this blog has come into existence. If I can keep this up and post every day, I am going to enroll into nursing for 2013 to work my way up to midwifery.

Edit: There is a little change up to my blogging scheduling, which you can read about HERE

So, combining my love of English, and of airing my views, I decided to set this challenge.

I look forward to seeing you throughout my journey, and I hope you enjoy the ride with me.


5 responses to “About The Ringless Wife

  1. You go girl and i wil be reading it regulary 🙂 😛

  2. Mum says:

    Go for it Gunna
    remember this…
    No-one ever achieves something they fail to attempt..

    From a teacup to her saucer!

  3. Ignore your mother Gert! She was the one who said NO to tattoos and body piercing remember? Heheheheheeheheheh I love you – and am here reading!

  4. Found you through http://thephantomchild.wordpress.com/ & decided to follow you too.
    See you on my Reader!

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