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May 15: My Top Ten Car Sing-A-Long Songs

I am a baaaaaaaaaaaad one for cruising along in my car and singing along to my favorite songs. I am sure I have given quite a few people a giggle with my in-car singing and dancing antics.  I will, however, say that the constables aren’t a fan of it. Just ask my Mum!

So, here is my list:

#10 – Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond

Come on, you know you did the “Bum, Bum, Buuuum” after that.

This song is a classic, and everyone in the world knows what follows the words “Sweet Caroline!”. This is one of my cruising down the highway loving life songs.

#9 – Bust It! Young MC

Classic 1989, Young MC made this single and it has had a long lasting effect. The lyrics are actually funny if you listen to them – unless you’re like me and too busy dancing at a red light.

#8 – Under The Sea – Ignatio Crustaceo Sebastian

I don’t care what any body says, this crab is the bomb diggity. Try and tell me you don’t sing along, even in your head, when this song comes on, and I won’t believe you. Yes, I am 25, but I will groove and belt along with this song no matter what I am doing or who I am with.

#7 – Big Girl – Mika

Arrrrgh, one of my anthems!!! I feel sorry for the poor sucker beside me if this song is on. It generally goes “OMFGILOVETHISSONGTURNITUP!” and I’m positively useless for the next four minutes.

#6 – The Gambler – Kenny Rogers

It’s The Gambler. ‘Nuff said.

#5 – Fast Car – Tracy Chapman

Who doesn’t love this song? About a young girl bettering her life (or trying to, anyway) this is a gorgeous song about self sufficience and doing what you have to do to survive. I can thank my mum for getting me into this one.

#4 – Cherry Pie – Warrant

OMG – This song takes me back to my first ever solo drive on my P’s. I had this Pumping in my tiny little Hyndai but I was rocking it like I was back in 1990! This is one of those songs that you can’t help but know the chorus… even if it’s from it being so repetetive.

#3 – Total Eclipse Of The Heart – Bonnie Tyler

Another song that every sucker knows, this is the ultimate in road tripping with your best mate and singing along. It doesn’t matter what you do or who you are with, this song will make you turn up the volume and cease all conversation for the duration.

#2 – Count On Me – Bruno Mars

I just love the simplicity of this song – all about friendship and nothing else. Aside from Mr Mars’ delectable voice, this ballad is perfect to send to your mates who are having a bad day… although I don’t advice sending the lyrics while you’re driving. Police don’t like that!

#1 – Cartoon Heroes – Aqua

As if those of you who know me didn’t know this would be in here.
Tragic? Maybe. My favorite song? Definitley!!! And when it’s live it’s even better. I tend to stop paying attention to my surroundings and I have been known to have to set a speedo-alert when this comes on.

What are your car songs? I want to hear them!!!


March 14: We are the cartoon Heroes, WHOA!

Growing up, Aqua and their songs were like my idols and my anthems.

I remember the first single I ever bought with my own money was Dr. Jones, and I bought that in Hobart and was so proud of it, Playing it every day as loud as I could while my grandparents weren’t home.

For my birthday, Dan bought me tickets to see them live in Melbourne. I don’t think he could possibly have bought me a better present – he managed to collide my adult life with my child-life, and they melded together as if it hasn’t been years since I first heard “Barbie Girl” and was grooving in front of my mirror to it (singing into my hairbrush, of course!)

Last night, was that night.

The sheer exhilaration when they finally walked on stage was worth the four hours wait, and the show put on would have been worth waiting a week for. It was energetic, frantic, and just plain old AWESOME!

Having been bought their new album (signed no less!) for my birthday from Mel, I was already pretty well versed in their new songs, which have taken on an extremely high rate of trance themes. I like the fact that they have molded with the change of music!

The second song they played was Cartoon Heroes – one of my favorites (tied with Dr. Jones of course!) and while I wanted to record it, I believe that would have been impossible with the way I was jumping, screaming, singing and going off my rocker like a pork chop in a synagogue.

I spent nearly two hours completely enraptured with the performance – each old song bringing back memories of times spent coreographing, watching, mimicking, laughing and being a child. It was brilliant. My face hurt from the huge grin I had on my face the whole time!!!

To have my child hood idols in front of me, singing songs that I still know all the words to, was a pinnacle that I haven’t reached before. It was like for the 1 hour and 45 minutes they played, nothing mattered – I was encapsulated within a world of songs, dance, memories, fun and happiness. WW3 could have broken out, and I don’t think I would have cared because I was in such a happy place (even with the rude bitch in front of me).

Living in the past for a little while was everything I have ever wanted. Aqua brings back to me a time when the world was a lot more simpler and easier to live in.
Aqua got me through a lot of angsty years and seeing them last night was like all my child hood dreams had come running to me, arms flailing, screaming “WE’RE AT F***ING AQUA!”

It was perfect. It was breath taking. It was as if the world had stopped turning for just a little bit, allowing me to catch my breath and bring back the happiness that is in a teenagers heart when their favorite song is on the radio.

I was at Aqua. Nothing else mattered.

And yeah, the hand waving like a maniac? That’s me.