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May 26: Why aren’t you a journalist?

I receive quite a few emails each week, and some of them are a little bit ego-stroking. However, the general theme seems to be: “Why are you not a journalist, and getting paid to write?”

I worked as a journalist for about three months when I was 16, during year 11 at my local newspaper. The dissolution of that job was not of my doing (and even Mum concedes that point so I know it’s true!) but it’s one that I did love. There was always a little thrill when I saw my name in the By-line, or when people told me that they enjoyed what I had written.

I’d thought of doing a professional writing course at TAFE or the like to hone my skills, maybe even get into Uni for a Journalism course – but, realistically, I didn’t realise how much I loved writing until I started this blog and was getting right into it. I have mentioned before that Ramblings has re-awakened some old ambitions that I pushed aside when I started my child care course (that I also loved, and I worked in the field of) but I won’t lie and say that I don’t cherish hope that one day someone from a magazine or something will see this blog and go “Hey! We should give this chickadee a job!”

My experience in Journalism itself wasn’t bad – yes, writing articles about things that bored the shit out of me wasn’t a highlight, but it did teach me to write in a positive light, even on things I disagreed with. People see journalism as a job which takes you all over the world, into countries that you may not get to other wise. However, there is a dark or boring side to it: for example, writing about something that interests you about as much as paint drying.

Sure, I would some times go through the press releases and grab at a piece, to churn it out within a 15-20 minute block; then I would find ones that just plain old sucked rocks but had to be done. Sitting at a desk that you shared, trying to regurgitate a press
release into something completely different but exactly the same isn’t always an easy feat, especially on the days where there wasn’t anything to write about and you had to go searching, only to know that you live in a small town and sometimes, things just don’t happen.

My favorite pieces to write were human interest pieces – they always intrigued me, grabbed my attention and left me wanting to engage the reader more. I liked writing about things that impacted peoples lives more than the local political agenda. I hated having to make a million and one phone calls to people to ask for their input on a story and having them tell me “Sorry, I don’t want my opinion aired.”

Having said all of that, any magazines or newspapers out there looking for a blogger, hit me up!!!

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January 10th: A weighty issue.

It’s been three days since I started back on my diet.

Three long, boring, tasteless, craving-full days.

But – I haven’t cracked. No, not once. And I am so proud of myself.

Im back to weighing my foods, and calorie counting, and drinking a whole lot more fluid, and tonight I’m feeling fairly good! I went shopping hungry and instead of going straight for the Deli for Kabana and the dairy for a Kiewa, I went and got rye biscuits and a tomato – and boy, was it yummy when I got home!

However, while three days doesn’t seem very long at all, to a woman who loves her KFC, Maccas, Pizza, any fast food really, it’s been ages.

I need to credit my weight loss group, Biggest Loser Mini Motivators, for keeping me strong, listening to my whingeing, and providing healthy alternatives when I have had none.

Including my Tamika, whom you have all heard about, encouraging me and getting me to try new things,  there have been two other ladies who have helped enormously by getting me out for a walk today. I won’t mention names, as Im not sure how they would feel about it. But if you read this, Thank you very much, for pushing me and getting me out of the house.

The page and the women on it have been great – always full of ideas, support, encouragement and knowing exactly where I am coming from and how hard it is. They never judge, belittle or question your eating for the day, but just encourage you to maybe make a better choice, or supplement this for that, and sometimes help the most by saying nothing.

Everyone in our group is there for the same reason – we are there to lose weight, get healthy, see results and find who we want to be… but I think we all are going to gain some wonderful friends, and have some amazing sounding boards for a long time yet.

It has only been three days but I have shared more with some women about my issues than I have with many other people. I have someone to say, “You know what? I could kill someone for a hot chip sanga as well!” and that makes me feel good. I like knowing that someone understands where I am coming from and isn’t judging me for it.

Every body in our group is doing so well. They’re all making different choices, and trying new things, and I am really excited for our weigh in next Sunday. I know that even if I dont get the loss I am after, there is going to be people to help me through and support me, encourage me, allow me to cry and then help me wipe the tears.

It feels amazing to be part of a small community, where I am not “Her daughter” or “His Partner”, But just plain old Kloi-Jayd, battling the same demons as everyone else and fighting for what I want.

If any of the ladies from the group happen to read this: Thank you. Thank you for everything.

And to Tamika, who took a seed of an idea and has worked tirelessly into making it come to fruition, Thank you. We have made an amazing team.

For anyone interested, our group is based in Albury/Wodonga and you can get information at:


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