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June 3: Being a Harry Potter fan… and 25.

Before I get too much further, let me just say “Yes, Rach, I know I’m a dork!”

In my friends circle, I am definitely the one who is almost child like in my obsession with Harry Potter. It’s an obsession that was slow to grow (I actually hated the book when it was first read to me in Library class during year 7) but is now fully fledged, right down to the HP themed tattoo that I have had designed.

People see me reading the books and ask when I am going to grow up and out of my infatuation with the seven part series – my response is generally “Are you serious?” which doesn’t tend to go down too well.

Harry Potter signifies a lot of different things to different people. For me, it was the escape from the teenager angst that plagues all of us. It continues to be my escape from a reality that drives me batty at stages.

The main theme of HP is that you can achieve whatever you want to – if you try hard enough. It’s about recognising that the biggest power of your life is harnessed within yourself and your own misgivings about your strengths.

I am a “Potter-Head” and don’t see myself growing out of this any time soon. I can sit and read the books for hours on end and watch the movies at the same time. I would be lying if I said I have never dreamed of reaching the sacred walls of Hogwarts, or that I have never gotten cranky at my mother for clearly hiding my Hogwarts acceptance letter.

When I read my bibles  HP books, it feels as though all the stresses and unfairness of the world melts away and leaves me alone while I follow Harry through whatever trial and tribulation he is beating at the moment.

I don’t see how I am any worse than the adults who are obsessed with Twilight, Tru Blood or the like – they are all fantasies and ones that we all know will never be real. I think it’s because Harry Potter is viewed as a childs series and has no real connection to “real” life, whatever that may be.

Aside from the universal popularity, even on a “bad” movie (HP’s worst grossing film Prizoner of Azkaban still grossed $90M more than Twilights best movie Eclipse) Harry Potter has a wide and varied audience. School aged kids to adults like me all have a little piece of something that can identify with in the film: for me, it’s that feeling of never quite fitting but always trying to that Neville Longbottom struggles with.

I guess you could say Harry Potter ending was one of the “big” things in my life – at the end of 7.1, I didn’t cry because of the death scene, I cried because I knew that there was only one more movie and after that, they were done. No more. Finito. KaPut.

What do you think about Harry Potter? Do you love it, hate it, obsess over it, plan your wedding to one of the Weasley twins?

I would love to hear your views on the matter. But until then, mischief managed…


May 2: My favorite Authors

If you know me (and my bookshelf), you will be aware that I am a keen reader. I am one of the people who can sit and read for hours on end and not get bored with it. It is also a known fact that if you talk to me while I’m reading, any answers I give you are null and void, as the chances are that I’m not actually answering you, I’m just making you think I am.

So here is a collection of my favorite authors, in no particular order.

Traci Harding

My favorite books by Traci are the “Ancient Future” trilogy, which is then followed by the “Celestial Triad” trilogy, making a six part series which is educating, stimulating and full of self-belief. Her main character, Tori, is an inspiration whose main philosophy is that you must have belief in yourself and the Universe.  My favorite thing about this book is that it time hops, teaches faith in yourself, and provides a glimpse into the world of 500AD life.

J K Rowling

If you are unaware of the books she writes, please poke yourself in the eye for me. Harry Potter was a series that carried me through a lot of years where I felt like my world was out of control. With heroism, challenges, no-nosed freaks, and again, a sense of faith in yourself, this series is one of my most beloved. I am on my third set of these books because of how much I have read them… I look forward to reading it with my kids.

Jodi Picoult

Most of you will know this name from the Smash Hit Movie, My Sisters Keeper, which was based on Jodi’s book of the same name. The success of the movie launched Jodi;s already bright star into a firework.
Jodi’s books are insightful, heavy, well plotted and always educational. She isn’t shy to tackle long and intricate stories that weave in and out of one another. Her stories take you through the lives of people that can be you or me, and often they have no black and white ending. There are twists, turns, tears, exhulatations and heart break in them. Trust me, you want to read her books. My favorite is Plain Truth, it is one that I can read a million times and never be sick of – it provided an insight into the Amish life style that really made me question how I act in my every-day life.

L.M Montgomery

My favorite of  L. M. Montgomery is the Anne of Green Gables series. These books left me positively berfeft when I finished the final book – falling in love with a book set which was started over 100 years ago is not the smartest move on my part! These books start with Anne being adopted, “even though she isn’t a boy.”  This titian-haired girl takes you along with her flights of fancy and her harrowing time of growing up. A classic book set that is timeless, I don’t know how people can not have read these books!

Janet Evanovich

If you haven’t read the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich, please do so now, We’ll wait for you! Lol, no we won’t. It’s your own fault!
Janet has written several books (18, at last count) about Stephanie Plum, a sometimes-successful bounty hunter living in New Jersey. Known to perform dangerous favours for a piece of Pineapple Upside Down Cake, this series is definitley one to get in on. Janet also has written stand alones on Stephanie, as well as a mini series with Charlotte Hughes which is just as piddle yourself funny.

What are your favorite authors and books?


April 14: finales that coincided with a breakdown in my life.

Once I get hooked on a TV show, I’m generally hooked for life. I will collect their DVD’s and watch them till I have to replace them.

Tonight, I am going to detail three which actually left me in tears (and on one occassion, crying to my mother) when they ended.

First and foremost, forever and ever the end, is Harry Potter.
I started crying at the end of 7.1 – and by crying I mean mascara down my face, wiping my snot on my arm and heaving my chest – and Daniel thought it was because Dobby had died. Well, it was, a little bit. But the main reason was that I knew that there was only going to be one more movie… one little movie… before I had to fully kiss my childhood goodbye and hang up my Gryffindor Scarf.
Yes, I am one of the geeks who just loves the movies and can watch them for days on end while simultaneously reading the books and researching harry Potter themed tattoos.

It didn’t help that the ending of the movies coincided with me watching the last ever episode of Full House.

Ok, I know that Full House ended its epic-ness in 1995, but I was only 7 so cut me some slack. When I  finally managed to get my hands on the whole set last year I watched it every day for about a month so I could get through all 193 episodes. I used to love the show when I was little and when I was able to watch it as an adult, I loved it even more. When I watched the finale of the show, I was immediately on to my mum:
“Mum! I have just watched the last episode of Full House and Harry Potter is finishing. Do I: A) move on, and appreciate the time I had with them? B) Keep rewatching the shows until I believe that Bob Saget is my father? or C) CURL UP INTO A BALL AND DIE BECAUSE MY LIFE IS OVER?!!?!”

or something along those lines, anyway.

Scrubs… Scrubs… don’t leave me… please! Please don’t leave me!
When the end of season 8 Rolled around and I watch JD walk out of Sacred Heart for the last time, I lost my shit. I mean, I was devastated. I cried, and I blogged, and I status’ed, and I whinged. JD and Turk were like my Buddies. We had a connection – By which I mean, I knew every word to “Guy Love” and “Everything comes down to poo!” and I would sing a long in my best voice.
But then, Daniel in his ever-awesomeness, I came into ownership of Scrubs… SEASON NINE!!! Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh yeah! (Cue the Go, Ricki! Dance and the fist pumps and chuck in a chicken dance for good measure!)
But you know what? I haven’t even watched the final episode of the final season. Why? Because I’m a pussy and I know there is no more after it. I know I’m going to be more than a little devastated; I know that I will be Mopey, the 8th dwarf; and I JUST DONT WANNA!!!

Are there any TV shows or Movie series that have ended and left you feeling bereft and alone? Please tell me I am not the only one out there who gets so emotionally involved with fictional characters  that I may or may not point a stick at my dishes and say “scourgify