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April 12: Our first Guest Blogger!

Tonights guest blogger is someone who is toying with moving into the blogging world; but watch this space, because as soon as soon as she does, I will let you know! Staying anonymous for the time being, lets show her some support!

The one who got away…

Do you remember when you were in high school and you had your first crush? Mine was in year 7. Let’s call him Simon (of course, his name was nothing like Simon). I remember thinking that I would never stop “loving” him and that he was the dreamiest dream I’d ever dreamt. Of course, Simon and I were never to be. There were other crushes and Simon faded into a distant memory that I now giggle at and think “what on EARTH was I thinking?”

After I finished school, I met Tom (no, that isn’t his real name). Tom and I became instant friends. We spoke every day and had many of the same interests. He was perfect. Sexy accent, fit, athletic AND musical, not to mention intelligent and funny. Tom and I grew closer and closer over time, often cuddling together to watch a movie, or staying up all night talking. One night, after a few too many drinks, Tom and I came to a crossroads in our friendship. He kissed me. Things were getting heated, and I, preferring our friendship over what was fast becoming a one night stand, stopped him. He never spoke to me again. More time passed and Tom became a fond (but somewhat bitter memory).

Then I met Patrick (you guessed it, another name change). Patrick was a sensitive soul. Slightly younger than me and with the gentle demeanour of one who has not yet become jaded by life. He could cook and draw and play music. But most of all, he cared about people. Especially me. Patrick and I had one problem. There was a common person forbidding us from ever being open about our closeness. Several weekends away and countless late night phone calls made up that relationship, which was never anything more official than friends.

As we all know, life has a habit of getting in the way of things the older you get. We both changed as we grew up and he became the person he never wanted to be, bittered by losses and struggles. The phone calls became less frequent, and the weekends away became lingering hugs at events we were both attending.

Even though Patrick and I are now nothing like we used to be and we both knew that we could never be serious with each other. What is it that makes someone the one who will always stay with you? I miss what we had, but I understand that it will now always be in the past.

Recently, I found out (on the grapevine) that Patrick is now in a relationship with another girl. Hearing this was like being stabbed through the heart with a blunt knife. It ached. Physically, even though I know that what we had is no more. Perhaps it’s because she’s a total downgrade. I’m glad he is happy now, but if he ever came to me and said “let’s pick up where we left off” I can’t help but feel I’d be tempted to say yes.

I guess this makes him The One That Got Away.

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April 1: Guest Blog!

Ahoy there mateys! Are you ready to find the gold at the end of the treasure hunt?

In order to read todays blog, you need to go on a valiant quest to find it.

By Valiant Quest I mean click this link!

Ringless Wife Guest Blog On Emmy June {Born in May}

See you tomorrow

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January 10th: A weighty issue.

It’s been three days since I started back on my diet.

Three long, boring, tasteless, craving-full days.

But – I haven’t cracked. No, not once. And I am so proud of myself.

Im back to weighing my foods, and calorie counting, and drinking a whole lot more fluid, and tonight I’m feeling fairly good! I went shopping hungry and instead of going straight for the Deli for Kabana and the dairy for a Kiewa, I went and got rye biscuits and a tomato – and boy, was it yummy when I got home!

However, while three days doesn’t seem very long at all, to a woman who loves her KFC, Maccas, Pizza, any fast food really, it’s been ages.

I need to credit my weight loss group, Biggest Loser Mini Motivators, for keeping me strong, listening to my whingeing, and providing healthy alternatives when I have had none.

Including my Tamika, whom you have all heard about, encouraging me and getting me to try new things,  there have been two other ladies who have helped enormously by getting me out for a walk today. I won’t mention names, as Im not sure how they would feel about it. But if you read this, Thank you very much, for pushing me and getting me out of the house.

The page and the women on it have been great – always full of ideas, support, encouragement and knowing exactly where I am coming from and how hard it is. They never judge, belittle or question your eating for the day, but just encourage you to maybe make a better choice, or supplement this for that, and sometimes help the most by saying nothing.

Everyone in our group is there for the same reason – we are there to lose weight, get healthy, see results and find who we want to be… but I think we all are going to gain some wonderful friends, and have some amazing sounding boards for a long time yet.

It has only been three days but I have shared more with some women about my issues than I have with many other people. I have someone to say, “You know what? I could kill someone for a hot chip sanga as well!” and that makes me feel good. I like knowing that someone understands where I am coming from and isn’t judging me for it.

Every body in our group is doing so well. They’re all making different choices, and trying new things, and I am really excited for our weigh in next Sunday. I know that even if I dont get the loss I am after, there is going to be people to help me through and support me, encourage me, allow me to cry and then help me wipe the tears.

It feels amazing to be part of a small community, where I am not “Her daughter” or “His Partner”, But just plain old Kloi-Jayd, battling the same demons as everyone else and fighting for what I want.

If any of the ladies from the group happen to read this: Thank you. Thank you for everything.

And to Tamika, who took a seed of an idea and has worked tirelessly into making it come to fruition, Thank you. We have made an amazing team.

For anyone interested, our group is based in Albury/Wodonga and you can get information at:


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January 4th: when bad things happen to good people.

Hi everyone!

In the last two weeks, I have been made aware – VERY aware – of how lucky I am to have my family and friends in relatively good health.

I think everyone has a tendency at some point to just think “FML!!!” and feel like everything in your life is against you, and that nothing will ever go right. Sometimes, Life is like that: it bitch slaps you silly and makes you confront things that you have to rectify, or deal with, or learn to ignore.

But what happens when it’s a little person who is being handled a rather large obstacle to deal with?

Those of you in my mothers circle will know who I am talking about, but in the interests of keeping his privacy intact, I am going to omit his name.

The child In question is only that: a child. He is a preteen, a mad soccer fan and just an all round, nice, pleasant, well brought up child.

Before Christmas, the little dude was diagnosed with “Perthes Disease.” (Did you go straight to Google like I did?)

Perthes’ disease is a disorder of the hip joint in children. Children often have difficulty in describing their initial symptoms. In the early stages of Perthes’ disease, your child will have a limp that often comes and goes. The limp may get worse as the disease progresses. Eventually, your child may feel pain in the knee, thigh or groin when they put weight on the leg or move the hip joint. Also, there will be less movement in the hip joint. If your child has had the condition for a long time, the affected leg may be slightly thinner and shorter.

Despite pain and limping, these children are healthy. Perthes’ disease usually affects children between the ages of three and eleven years. It is more common in boys than in girls. Only one hip is affected in over three-quarters of children.

( http://kidshealth.chw.edu.au/fact-sheets/perthes-disease )

After an appointment with a wonderful surgeon, it was discovered that this diagnosis was wrong, and he had SUFE. (Again, Mr. Google comes in handy.)

A ‘Slipped Upper Femoral Epiphysis’ (also called a ‘SUFE’) is a condition involving the hip joint. The hip joint works as a ball and socket. With a SUFE, the growth plate (called the epiphyseal plate) at the top of the thigh bone is weak and the ball (head of the femur) slips downward and backward. The exact cause of this condition is not known, but there may be a link between increased weight and puberty hormones. A ‘SUFE’ is not usually associated with an injury. The symptoms often develop slowly – over several months – and may seem like a pulled muscle in the hip, thigh or knee. It is important to get an early diagnosis and treatment before the slip gets worse and children may need to have the unaffected side treated as well to prevent future slipping.

( http://www.rch.org.au/kidsinfo/factsheets.cfm?doc_id=5766 )

Now, the little Dude had his operation today, and I am led to believe that it went well.

There is going to be a long time of recuperation for this little dude, and for a keen soccer player, a swimming fanatic, and an active person, twelve months is a long time to be sitting stagnant while you heal properly.

Just using this one example, does it make you question your last “poor-me” moment? Because it does for me.

It makes me realise how lucky and fortunate my family and I are to know that

To the little dude, and his parents and brother, I am thinking of you and am hoping for his speedy recovery.

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