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June 26: My books

Ok, I know, I lied.
I had every intention of catching up yesterday, thinking I could easily knock over my blogs. I didn’t even open wordpress to start.

Things in the last three days have been a blur of midnight sales to get a jump on Christmas, Christian Grey, Tournaments, Anastasia Steele, getting my home organised, and Christian Grey. Yes, he is in there twice.

I’m the first to admit, that when it comes to books, if I like it, I will cleave to it. Whether or not the book is regarded as “badly written” I will still read and love it. When it comes to books, I have been always been ignorant of others’ opinions of them. I don’t care who thinks what of it, I like it. And while some people are likening 50 Shades of Grey to an extended Mills and Boon trashy read, I have been blissfully submerged in the novels for the last three days. It has given my brain some much needed space.

I  have been told that I read books of poor quality, that reading a book designed to stimulate you in places other than your brain is a literary faux pas, and that I should be looking for harder reads. The thing that is frustrating me is that I read “harder” books. I have spoken before about my favorite authors, and I have always insisted that I have an eclectic taste when it comes to the written word. Just because I choose to dive into a novel with a mindset to block out the world doesn’t mean that I am an ignorant, trailer-trash reader.

I don’t always read to be stimulated. Sometimes I read to escape – that’s when I read Harry Potter. Sometimes I read to give my brain space – that’s when I read Mills and Boon. Sometimes I read to remember – that’s when I read Anne Of Green Gables. And you know what? Sometimes I read for my enjoyment – and that’s when I’ll read 50 Shades of Grey.

Yes, there is sex in 50 Shades, Lots and Lots of sex. There is also terror, and mystery, and love, and grief, and fierce loyalty.

When it comes to books and the written word, I am no hipster. If there is hype around a book, I will read it. I won’t look deeply into whether or not the author uses too many words, when a few will do. I won’t say something is badly written if I haven’t read it. I will appreciate it for what it is: someones hard work they  have put out into a world where everyone is quick to condemn and slow to praise.

I know people who have written great stories, yet don’t even try for publishing because they are scared someone will tear them to shreds. The people who do have the guts to put anything on a shelf deserve kudos.

Even if some people think something is badly written and that I am selling myself short by reading it, I will still read it. What I read, and what I enjoy is more important to me than others opinions. Reading is my escape, I don’t do it to look smart or funny or like I have the knowledge of the world inside my head. Maybe others should try that.


May 2: My favorite Authors

If you know me (and my bookshelf), you will be aware that I am a keen reader. I am one of the people who can sit and read for hours on end and not get bored with it. It is also a known fact that if you talk to me while I’m reading, any answers I give you are null and void, as the chances are that I’m not actually answering you, I’m just making you think I am.

So here is a collection of my favorite authors, in no particular order.

Traci Harding

My favorite books by Traci are the “Ancient Future” trilogy, which is then followed by the “Celestial Triad” trilogy, making a six part series which is educating, stimulating and full of self-belief. Her main character, Tori, is an inspiration whose main philosophy is that you must have belief in yourself and the Universe.  My favorite thing about this book is that it time hops, teaches faith in yourself, and provides a glimpse into the world of 500AD life.

J K Rowling

If you are unaware of the books she writes, please poke yourself in the eye for me. Harry Potter was a series that carried me through a lot of years where I felt like my world was out of control. With heroism, challenges, no-nosed freaks, and again, a sense of faith in yourself, this series is one of my most beloved. I am on my third set of these books because of how much I have read them… I look forward to reading it with my kids.

Jodi Picoult

Most of you will know this name from the Smash Hit Movie, My Sisters Keeper, which was based on Jodi’s book of the same name. The success of the movie launched Jodi;s already bright star into a firework.
Jodi’s books are insightful, heavy, well plotted and always educational. She isn’t shy to tackle long and intricate stories that weave in and out of one another. Her stories take you through the lives of people that can be you or me, and often they have no black and white ending. There are twists, turns, tears, exhulatations and heart break in them. Trust me, you want to read her books. My favorite is Plain Truth, it is one that I can read a million times and never be sick of – it provided an insight into the Amish life style that really made me question how I act in my every-day life.

L.M Montgomery

My favorite of  L. M. Montgomery is the Anne of Green Gables series. These books left me positively berfeft when I finished the final book – falling in love with a book set which was started over 100 years ago is not the smartest move on my part! These books start with Anne being adopted, “even though she isn’t a boy.”  This titian-haired girl takes you along with her flights of fancy and her harrowing time of growing up. A classic book set that is timeless, I don’t know how people can not have read these books!

Janet Evanovich

If you haven’t read the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich, please do so now, We’ll wait for you! Lol, no we won’t. It’s your own fault!
Janet has written several books (18, at last count) about Stephanie Plum, a sometimes-successful bounty hunter living in New Jersey. Known to perform dangerous favours for a piece of Pineapple Upside Down Cake, this series is definitley one to get in on. Janet also has written stand alones on Stephanie, as well as a mini series with Charlotte Hughes which is just as piddle yourself funny.

What are your favorite authors and books?